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MANUKA honey-face cream

It was a Bear who loved to eat sweets, more precisely honey, which is why he was called Honey Bear in the forest.

The smell of honey was as irresistible to him as it enticed him. As always, this time when he felt it, he got up and set off on a familiar path.

However, this time the bees prepared a small trap for him because they knew his intention.

They removed all the honey from the hive and waited for it hidden in a corner.

As soon as he smelled and saw the hives, Bear put on his little paws trying to grab the honey, as he had done the previous time. Still, he found nothing.

Honey was nowhere to be found.

"How is this possible?" he shouted.

"My nose never cheats on me."

He tried again, but without success. By no means did he find honey inside.

Curiosity made him look at the hive after all. He peered through the holes, but could not see anything. Slightly annoyed, he pushed his snout inside.

The bees, who knew of Bear's wish, waited for him hidden in a corner and with their stings began to sting his snout. The stab wounds were unbearable and painful.

Bear began to moan loudly.

"Wow, wow, what's going on?" He shouted.

He grabbed his snout with his paws, which hurt a lot and swelled so much that it looked like a huge ball.

The bees came out of the hive and started buzzing around him.

Zzz zzz zzz echoed in his ears.

Bear, all lost, ran and ran until he reached a nearby lake and quickly plunged his snout into the water. He felt relief, not only because of the pain that the water alleviated, but also because he realized that the bees had not followed him for a long time. Although there was still a buzzing in his ears, the bee was not nearby.

For days he walked with a swollen snout that hurt terribly.

He tried to alleviate the pain with various herbs he found in the forest, but he did not succeed. He swore loudly that he would never want anything sweet again, least of all honey. As the days went by, he realized how unfair he had been to the bees and was very sad.

When the bees heard how sorry Bear was for everything he had done, they took pity on him. Everyone in the forest knew that Honey Bear was gentle and good. They decided to make peace with him.

As a sign of reconciliation, they brought him a cream of Manuka honey for his snout, a recipe that only bees knew in the forest.

Indeed, their cream was miraculous. It immediately eased the pain and swelling. Bear was happier than ever. He lowered his snout and, gentle as he was, apologized heartily to the bees.

The bees accepted Bear's apology and made an unusual friendship with Bear.

Interesting facts about bears:

Bears have highly developed senses of hearing, smell and sight, which are often compared to the powers of superheroes. They can smell odors miles away from them, as well as notice if some fruits are ripe.

Although at first they act like sluggish animals due to their huge body, it is true that bears are very fast and can run up to 60 km per hour.

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