Brave Lion
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Although he was born with a mane, which is why he was named Brave Lion, this Lion did not want to bathe at all.

In vain, his mom and dad convinced him in various ways that bathing was very important, especially for his mane, which made him special. Brave Lion did not even want to get close to the water, and there was no talk of bathing. He would just raise his head and wave in denial in protest.

As the days passed, his mane grew larger and more lush, and he became more and more proud of it.

One afternoon, when Lion lazily opened his eyes, he noticed something strange on his mane.

It was a butterfly and the strangest butterfly Brave Lion has ever seen. While his body was dark and streaked with dots, his wings were completely airy and with every movement he left behind sparkling threads. It looked as if the butterfly was sprinkling something like stardust around it.

Watching him in amazement for a few seconds, Lion asked him in surprise: "Who are you?"

"And who are you?" replied the Butterfly.

"Who am I?" Everyone knows who I am ", Lion wondered and exclaimed," I am Brave Lion! "

The butterfly fluttered its wings indifferently, making its star reflections and said: "And can you create sparks like me?"

"Come on, try it," Butterfly challenged him.

Brave Lion jumped up and swung his mane abruptly, hoping that his mane would create something even better, but of course nothing happened. Butterfly flew around Lion, constantly telling him: "Come on, come on, try again. Come on, once again you will succeed. ”

Lion struggled in the game with the butterfly, made rings back and forth, turned around and jumped for the butterfly, completely enchanted and seduced by his game. He tried harder and harder with each movement, trying to overshadow the butterfly. His mane flew in all directions and it seemed to him that it was illuminated by the sun and it finally created sparks.

The game lasted until at one point the butterfly suddenly took off and landed on a tree. Lion, wanting to join him, jumped as high as he could and fell straight into the river.

Although at first he cleverly wanted to jump out of the river, he was prevented from doing so by a reflection on the river similar to the shimmering dust that the butterfly spilled. Curiosity encouraged him to swim, which he did with ease. Realizing this, he continued to enjoy the water. He enjoyed it so much that he sprayed the lion's mom and dad with his mane, who watched it happily. They threw him a Macadamia oil shampoo that helped Lion not only get a sparkling mane but also created irresistible glittering bubbles in the water.

Since that day, bathing has become a favorite activity of Brave Lion.

Interesting facts about lions:
Did you know that the mane in lions begins to grow only at the age of 18 months and grows until they are 5 years old?
Also, unlike other cats, lions are great swimmers.

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