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Although at first glance the same as the others, Koala Face still differed from other koalas. Her face was very often red, so much so that it could hardly go unnoticed. To other koalas, its strangeness was cute, even interesting, because interesting things rarely happened in the world of koalas. However, as she grew up, her uniqueness bothered her more and more.

"How can I hang out with other koalas, everyone will think that I am terribly shy and that I blush because of that," Koala Face lamented very often. She thought she might be eating the wrong eucalyptus, so she made the others try it too. However, nothing happened to them, only she had red cheeks.

She tried in every way to prevent the redness of her cheeks. She often climbed trees and hugged them much longer and stronger than other koalas in order to cool down and get rid of redness. However, this only helped her for a short time, as the redness would soon return. The only thing she managed to do was develop the best climbing skills among koalas.

One day something strange happened. When Koala hugged the tree, she got dirty with something. She tried in vain to remove the oil mixture from her face. It was tamanu oil, which miraculously found its way there. When she finally took it off her dirty cheek, she noticed that the redness on that cheek was gone. Surprised, she screamed with happiness and drew the attention of the other koalas to herself. "Look at me, the redness is gone, I'm just like you now!" She told them what had happened to her, not even really understanding what Tamanu oil was and how to get it.

Other, more experienced koalas knew what it was about and, united as they were, they quickly organized and came up with the oil for Koala Face. Not only that, but they also made her a special cream. "Smear your face with this cream until your redness completely disappears," the oldest koala instructed. She proudly walked her new face for days and showed everyone that she was the same as them. She used her climbing skills to thank the other koalas. She climbed to the highest tops of the trees and brought them the most beautiful eucalyptus leaves they had ever tasted.

She always had her special cream next to her and she was happy to apply it on her face. She kept it in case another koala found itself in a similar problem. Although she was no longer special because of the redness of her face, she became unique in the new skill she acquired and realized that diversity can be good.

Interesting facts about koalas

Koalas have one resemblance to humans. Namely, they are the only ones to have fingerprints like humans, and it is believed that this trait was developed precisely because of the need to climb trees in search of food. Due to the slow metabolism and eucalyptus leaves that are difficult to digest, koalas sleep up to 20 hours a day.

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