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COTTON SEEDS-bath for hair and body

Unlike his peers from the herd, Cottony Elephant never managed to learn to use his trunk, and he was already a year old. It wouldn't have been so scary if his fellow elephants weren’t having a lot of fun watching him and his disobedient trunk.

Every time the Cottony Elephant and the other elephants went down to the river to drink water, for others it looked like a circus show in terms of the amount of entertainment they attended.

While other elephants drank water with the help of a trunk, sprayed and enjoyed themselves, Elephant did it differently than everyone else. Somehow awkwardly he had to bend down to the river, lifting the back of his body up to drink water with his mouth, creating a really fun picture for others.

All this was always accompanied by mockery and teasing of the Elephant. "Look, look how easy it is," others would tease him as they sprayed him with water from the trunk.

The elephant would always return sad and disappointed from the river, with its head bowed.

Cottony Elephent actually loved water and bathing, but his trunk obviously didn’t. He gladly stayed in the water for a long time, playing with the bubbles and enjoying the smell of the cotton seed bath, forgetting about the naughty trunk. After another mockery on the Elephant firmly decided that he would never be humiliated again. Every night while the other elephants slept, the Elephant snuck out and secretly went to the river to practice his naughty trunk.

It lasted at night. There have been countless attempts. It used to seem to him that he was on the verge of success, he would suck the water strongly with his trunk and when he tried to drink it, he would choke and start coughing.

“Ahem, ahem, this is not fun at all," he said.

However, he did not give up until one evening he started using the trunk with such ease that he could not believe it. He had the impression that magic had happened.

All elated and excited, he could hardly wait for the day and going to the river. His comrades challenged him again.

"Come on, Elephant, let's go to the river, you like it the most, don't you?" they spoke.

When they arrived at the river, everyone was expecting a fun performance of the Elephant and a clumsy drinking of water.

However, the Elephant cheerfully entered the water, sucked the water mixed with mud with the trunk and with one stroke of the trunk sprayed the mud with all the friends who were watching him on the shore.

Before they even became aware of what was happening, Elephant did it one more time, and then one more time.

"Oh, look how special and a little funny you are now!" Exclaimed Cottony Elephant.

Everyone soon accepted the game, jumped into the river and alternately began to spray themselves with mud and water. There was a real little joy, and the Elephant felt like it was born again. The party lasted until late at night, until everyone fell asleep exhausted and happy.

Interesting facts about elephants:

The trunk of elephants consists of one hundred thousand muscles and is very sensitive, even to pulling grass, but with its strength it enables elephants to lift huge and heavy trees.

Baby elephants do not know how to use the trunk until they are 9 months old, and they drink water in their mouths, raising the trunk high.

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