Longneck Giraffe
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While other animals were mostly bored at the zoo, seals filled their days by playing ball.

However, it often happened that the Giraffe Longneck also participated in the game against its will, so that the ball would usually hit it in the head or neck.

The first time the ball accidentally flew to her head, the Giraffe kept it to herself, firstly because she wanted to punish the seals, and secondly because she herself was trying to perform those fun movements with the ball.

However, Giraffe did not manage to cope with that fun ball. Her neck always clumsily caused the ball to end up on the grass too quickly.

A little disappointed, she thought how she wished it wasn't so long-necked, but like other animals. She returned the ball with her seals and continued to enjoy watching the game.

It seems that it was not only Giraffe who participated in this game against her will. During the last game in a row, the ball flew off and hit the lion right in the head. The lion was not as lenient as the Giraffe. He kept the ball with no intention of returning it and, not only that, but he held the ball with a proud and angry face. He slept with his paw on the ball.

The zoo was filled with endless boredom, which turned into grief for the seal and the Giraffe due to the lack of play.

Everyone wanted things to go back to normal, but no one dared to oppose the lion.

No one but Giraffe, who decided to return the party to the zoo.

She quietly waited for the lion to fall asleep with her lion's sleep, after eating. She knew that then his paw fell off the ball in his sleep. She motioned for the other animals to calm down and shifted her long neck into the cage by the lion. She caught the ball with her mouth, however, when she started to raise her head, the ball slipped and fell next to the lion.

Luckily, the lion just stirred and continued to sleep.

The giraffe tried one more time. This time, she grabbed the ball harder and succeeded, she transferred it to her cage, and then returned it with a seal. Everyone was happy.

"How do you have such a long neck?" Other animals asked her curiously now. It seemed that now everyone would like to be like the Giraffe Longneck. "How? Oh, it's very simple, I apply special almond oil to it every day, I can lend it to you if you want", the Giraffe answered them cheerfully.

Some animals thought for a moment and thought that they could really try that oil, but they soon realized that they did not know what to do with such a long neck.

The Giraffe realized that there is no need to want to be like the others, because each of us is special just the way you are.

Interesting facts about giraffes:
Giraffes sleep very little, on average about 2 hours a day. Although recognizable by their neck, which can reach up to 2 m, it is true that they also have one of the longest tails among mammals, with a length of up to 2.4 m.

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