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The girl got the white Bunny she always wanted for her birthday. The one whose whiteness reminded her of the snowflakes and snow she adored.

As she soon became slightly ill, the doctor forbade her to go out into the yard until spring arrived.

During that time, something unexpected happened in a yard full of animals. The White Bunny was no longer so white, his hair began to change color and became brown. That was no surprise for Bunny, but it will be for someone.

On the first day when the girl went out, excited and happy, she walked around all the animals cheerfully. She greeted and petted them and finally ran to her Bunny.

However, when she saw him, a shock followed.

The white rabbit no longer looked like itself, but was completely brown.

The girl began to shout in wonder: "Where is my Bunny, what did you do to him?"

"Something must have happened to him," she despaired.

Worried parents ran from the house to her. They tried to comfort her and explain to her that it was her Bunny whose hair had changed.

The girl said in disbelief: "But he is not white, that is not my White Bunney."

After moments of complete despair, the girl began to understand what had happened, but did she accept it?

Not really, she wanted a white Bunny and no one else.

She walked up and down the yard for a while, thinking. At one point, she turned abruptly, took Bunny in her arms and headed to another part of the yard.

She had an idea; her Bunny is going to turn white again.

She took her Shea butter body lotion from the table in the yard and went to anoint Bunney. He didn't like it at all, but the girl was thrilled because Bunney turned white again.

When Mom realized what was happening, she exclaimed in surprise, "Oh no." The girl turned to her mother, and White Bonny immediately managed to escape with a quick jump.

All dirty, but also white, he slipped into a nearby pond where ducks were playing and, of course, became neither white nor brown, but gray and dirty. That amused the girl for a moment and she started laughing out loud. However, it did not entertain her mother, who had to bathe the bunny again for days, in order to remove the mud that stuck to him, and then the lotion with which he was smeared.

When she finally succeeded, she explained to the girl that when we love someone, we love him because of what he is, and not because of what he looks like. White Bunny may not be white anymore, but it is the same Bunny who was always looking forward to her.

Interesting facts about bunnies:

White rabbits are characterized by the fact that their coat color changes. While it is white and long during the winter and protects them from the cold, in the spring the fur acquires a reddish brown to dark brown color.

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